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New Sites I Now Own!


Hello Everyone,

I would like to announce that I have recently aquirred the below sites for Dee Westcott:

Traffic Advantage
Strategic Traffic
Modified 17 Racelist
3 Is a Charm
Ads With Results 4 U
Croc Hideaway Ads
Get Your Ads Read
Tropical Oasis
Old Dog 2
e Market Safelist
Promote Your Biz 2
The Cyber Builder
Pals Advertising List
Dusty Magical Marketing
Professional Advertising & Marketing

I am presently in the process of making the changes on all the Sites as well as adding Categories for them 
here in my Support Center. 
Please bare with me since this is going to take sometime and once completed I will then have over 25 Safelists in my Network.
Please dont hesitate to join any of the above sites you may not be a member of. 
Tom Brown
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