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Commissions Have Been Suspended!


Hello Everyone,

I have been receiving a number of Emails Regarding Commissions and I thought it was time to address the issue and will also be emailing all Members very shortly.

I have been forced to Suspend Commissions until September 2016 due to reasons that are beyond my control.

Back in Early November many of you were aware of my Servers being Shut Down and this was all due to something that was not due to anything I did, but what I later found out was due to something I never had any control over that I am not allowed to talk about in detail since there is an on going legal battle I am dealing with that I will win, but cannot discuss any futher than I am.

So over a 3 Week Period ALL My sites on ALL 4 Of my Servers were down, which as anyone may know if your not up and running your not going to keep to many paying members. I had subscribers that were cancelling there subscriptions and then I had no income coming in as well. The Bills did not stop coming, so needless to say I had some problems.

So to make this shorter that it has already become, I have fallen even farther behind than I was back then, I was forced to Suspend Commissions until September 2016.

I was already behind in paying Commissions as it was and what happened in November made it worse than I thought it could get so now I am also going to make some other drastic changes to the Commissions that members Earn for PTC Ads, SoloBUCKS and SuperBUCKS. The easiest thing would be to do away with these type of Advertising, which it may very well come to, but for now, I am going to lower the earnings members can make clicking on them. These changes will be done very shortly.

Once again, and as always, I appreciate Your Business and Good Luck.



Best Regards.

Tom Brown



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