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Viral Link Cloaker Will NO LONGER WORK!!

Hello Everyone, 
I  had sent out a previous email over the weekend regarding the Viral Link Cloaker and since some did 
not seem to receive I am resending. This Same Information is also available at my Support Center as well. 
Effective immediately the Viral Link Cloaker will NO LONGER OPERATE on The Site you are receiving this 
Email. This will also be happening on any other sites of mine that use Viral Link Cloaker over the next 
few days. 
In case your not sure then this includes ALL the Sites Below. 
Global Text Ads
Clix Text Ads
Powerline Text Ads
Traffic Storm
Text Ad Magic
Traffic Zoom
Treasure Chest Traffic
Top Secret Traffic
Viral Text Adz
Text 2 Clix 
Solo Ads Xpress
EZ Clix
I have also just removed the Viral Link Cloaker also from:
SuperSOLO Ad Network
Solo Advertising Network
Express Solo Ads
Explosive Solo Ads
Viral Link Cloaker will be removed from ALL My Sites if they have not been removed already. If you are 
using them, then this is your Last and Only Warning. Viral Link Cloaker will no longer work.
I have tolerated members emails regarding a FEW BAD APPLES and what these Members are doing 
in regards to emailing Members using Viral Link Cloaker that for the most part are NEW Members that only 
SIgn Up in order to create a Viral URL to do there Spamming. Since Viral Link Cloaker are created on many 
of my Sites, Members and even non members are contacting me regarding them since of course the 
only reference there is with the Links are my Sites. 
I am not going to risk or put my Sites and my Members in jepordy due to what I have found that some 
Spamming Members are doing. 
Do NOT Put any Viral Link Cloaker in any of your Advertisements. Viral Link Cloaker will NO LONGER WORK! 
There is NO LONGER any Access to Viral Link Cloaker and any reference to them will be removed shortly on 
ALL My Sites. 
If your Using Viral Link Cloaker and the best way to know is per Example: This 
Type of URL always has the WORD of LINK in the Middle, so its very easy to SEE. 
I am sorry it has come to this, but this is the ONLY Way to STOP what others are abusing. Viral Link Cloaker 
were a great way to hide your URLS, but due to what others are doing Viral Link Cloaker will no longer be 
available on any of my Sites. 
Any and ALL References or Navigation Links to Viral Link Cloaker have been removed from the Home Page 
and Members Area from the Site you have received this from. 
Thank You For Your Support and Appreciate Your Business!
Best Regards,
Tom Brown
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