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May Commissions Update!!!!


Hello Everyone,

Due to Family Matters that I had no control over, I will not be able to take care of Commissions this Month.

In Late April, I am sorry to say my Mom Passed away, and I have been reeling every since taking care
of all the Financials, such as the Funeral and many other matters. The Truth of the matter, is I am broke
from all the funds I have had to put out to take care of it. There was no will, so what there was left in
the bank is now in the hands of the probate court, so I have had to take care of this and  has put a
drain on my funds.

I had really hoped it would not come to this, but Business has also been slow, so it did not help, so for the
First Time I am going ot have to skip a Month, and I sure everthing will be fine in June when Commission
come due on the 15th again.

Thank You For Your Support and Appreciate Your Business!

Best Regards,

Tom Brown


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