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Expess Solo Ads Important Message

Solution Hello Everyone,

Since I am getting a few Emails Regarding this, I am Posting a Message Here.

When you Submit a Solo here at Express Solo Ads your Solo is going
to always say 'YES', under the Category 'Sent' anytime you Submit
a Solo here at Express Solo Ads.

This DOES NOT mean your Solo has been Sent to ALL 10 Text Ad Exchanges or ANY of them.

What this does mean is your Solo has been Sent to the QUENE or an easier
way to say it is that your Solo has been ADDED to the List Of Solos at
each of the 10 Text Ad Exchanges waiting to be sent.

There are a number of reasons it is done this way, but the basic reason
is to speed up the process. Does not seem like it is any faster, but will
be once the Backlog of Solos catch up.

Due to the Response of Express Solo Ads, and the Backlog of Solos now on
ALL the Text Ad Exchanges, it could be a few Days before your Solo will
actually be Sent from ALL the Text Ad Exchanges as well as any Clicks
will start showing up for your Solo.

I have just increased the Number of Solos that are sent each day again, in
order to catch up on the Backlog.

Once this Backlog of Solos Catches up, which should be within the next
few days, any other Solos you Submit should be delivered much Faster.

Thanks For Your Suppport and Appreciate Your Business!

Best Regards,

Express Solo Ads
Tom Brown
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